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About KMI Trucking

KMI is proud to introduce, the first CNG powered water truck to the Pennsylvania Marcellus Gas industry. This truck runs on 100% American produced, industry supporting, job creating, clean burning Compressed Natural Gas.

In early spring of 2008, Lynwood Keister saw an opportunity to fill a need in the Natural gas Industry. He started by purchasing one used water truck and started the process of finding work for that truck. It took a little while to get his foot in the door at a few places but with a great determination he went forward in spite of the many naysayers. After a few months of hard work and long hours the business started to grow and the demand increased.

In mid-summer 2008, Lynwood took on a partner, Douglas Miller, and together they formed Keister Miller Investments, LLC. With the extra truck and driver much more work could get done. It wasn’t long until they needed more help and more trucks to get the job done. By the third quarter of 2008 they had added two more drivers and another truck. The work load increased and the demand for reliable water haulers got stronger by the day.

In the first quarter of 2009, 2 more trucks were added to the fleet and some other employees to help with the growing business.

From that point on, the business began to increase dramatically.

We began to expand into different areas of service and today the list of services that we provide goes beyond the original dream that Lynwood had in 2008.

We have expanded to provide over 100 jobs in the local area and continue to provide the same quality and reliable service that has proved to be what companies are looking for.

We strive to provide our customers with unparalleled quality while expanding our reputation for Safety, Quality, Service, and Reliability

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